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Preparing at-risk preschool children for success in school and life.

Denton Christian Preschool, or DCP, serves at-risk three and four-year-old children in the Denton community, and we're proud to say we've been doing this for 49 years! We provide three instructional options for our children to attend school, transportation to and from school, three meals a day, field trips, medical assessments and resources for our children's families.

DCP's goal is to break the cycle of poverty that impacts our children and their families so their financial situation does not affect our children's learning. Because of reduced funding, we've been unable to provide our services for free and have been obligated to charge a tuition rate to attend DCP. This limits the number of children we are able to serve in our community and we've seen our number of students decrease over the years.

Nevertheless, we remain hopeful! One day we will provide our services for free again so that no child is at a disadvantage when he/she begins kindergarten. With your help and kindness, together we can make our vision a reality!